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A Few Words About Us

Electrique Djs  & The Beat Parade Band are a unique performance ensemble from Kenya that employ the use of Native Instruments in fusion with electronic beat synthesis. The end product is high tempo, high energy music with an African Rhythm and melody.


The genesis of our unique fusion of two distinctly different genres of music stems from our roots as children of Africa and our love for Electronic Dance Music. As producers of House music, we felt that our performance was lacking a crucial element of music as we know it’ – the African Rhythm. It was then that we embarked on a journey of discovering the possibility of introducing live rhythmic elements that would inject ‘African-ness ’ into our performances. It started with a single djembe drum and slowly the instrument arsenal has grown to include a full set of native Kenyan traditonal drums called ‘bull’ a xylophone known natively as the ‘marimba,’ African Percussion shakers like the ‘Agwata’( a beaded calabash) & cowbells. 

Contemporary instruments like the Saxophone and bass guitar are incorporated to drive the melodic elements of the performance

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